Shari Chankhamma

Best Covers Ever (This Year): Image Comics 2016 Edition
The end of the year is a time of reflection in many ways, and that often means thinking about and assessing what the very best releases in any particular medium were. As we prepare to cross the threshold into 2017, we've been collecting some of the best covers of the year by publisher for your perusal, and today we're looking at fifty of the best comic book covers released from Image Comics in 2016.
Antony Johnston Talks 'Codename Baboushka'
Last year brought us a whole lot of great new titles from Image, and Codename Baboushka was no exception. Launched in October by Antony Johnston, Shari Chankhamma and Simon Bowland, the series focuses on Contessa Annika Malikova, a former boss in the Russian Mafiya who defected to America --- and was blackmailed in to running missions for the CIA. It's a bombastic take on espionage, and for more classified information, I spoke to Johnston about the development of the idea, his approach to high action, and the essays from writers like Leigh Alexander and Danielle Henderson included in each issue.
Image Unveils Projects from Ellis, Aaron, Simone, Rucka & More
Image Comics held its now traditional pre-San Diego one-day show on Thursday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and unveiled an impressive roster of new titles for the coming year that includes new work by familiar names such as Warren Ellis, Jason Aaron and Gail Simone; plus an encouraging number of relative newcomers and unknowns. Check out our rundown of all the news and announcements.
Becky Cloonan & Andy Belanger Preview 'Southern Cross' Book
For the past few days the comics internet has been abuzz with the news out of the 2015 Image Expo, but there's something that was announced at last year's that I'm every bit as excited for as the new batch: Southern Cross, the new sci-fi horror comic from writer-artist Becky Cloonan, artist Andy Belanger, and colorist Shari Chankhamma. Originally announced at Image Expo 2014, Southern Cross is set for release in March, and to get people excited, Cloonan and Belanger have been posting designs from the series on a Tumblr dedicated to the comic -- and clearly, it's working, largely because they are awesome.
'Kill Shakespeare: The Tide Of Blood' #5 [Preview]
  As much Shakespeare as I read in high school and college, I confess I kind of though Kill Shakespeare's plot putting a "wizard-god" version of The Bard and his magical quill into conflict with his creations in a shared universe was a neat but wild spin on the poet's usual beat. Then I thought about it for about ten seconds and went, "Oh yeah, he wrote a lot of ghosts. Oh yeah, he