15 Comic Book TV Shows That Didn’t Make it to the Small Screen
Syfy just announced their upcoming television development slate, including a new Booster Gold series. Hopefully, Booster Gold will make it past his pilot, but not all comic-to-TV adaptations do. In fact, for every Smallville, there seems to be a Bruce Wayne that lies in the development afterlife, never to appear in syndication...
Mike Mignola Raises Hell in Baltimore
Day two of the Baltimore Comic-Con started for me (and for many others) with a Mike Mignola Q&A in which the writer/artist engaged in an hour-long exchange with his fans that was as thoughtful as it was personable. Not surprisingly, many of the questions centered around the Hellboy 2 movie, with Mignola explaining that the sequel was a tough sell until writer/director Guillermo del Toro's Q-r