Blood Stain

Linda Sejic's Creepy, Funny 'Blood Stain' Comes to Print
A creepy mad scientist and a talented slacker team up to accomplish... something impressive and potentially terrifying, in Blood Stain volume 1, Top Cow's print collection of Linda Sejic's webcomic, due out in March. At 24 pages, the preview of Blood Stain is longer than most monthly comics, although it ends before the two main characters meet face to face. It focuses on Elliot Torres, a young woman with a chemistry degree who just can't seem to get on her feet in the job market. She's living with her sister's family, and has had a string of short-lived attempts at employment in a variety of fields, which are amusingly recounted in the preview.
Top Cow Announces Three New Titles, Kickstarter Project
At its panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, Top Cow unveiled three new titles, Blood Stain, Romulus and Symmetry, that touch on the sci-fi and conspiracy genres from creators Linda Sejic, Bryan Hill and Nelson Blake, and Matt Hawkins and Raff Ienco. The publisher also announced a Kickstarter to fund a comic book that coincides with a multimedia project about a "human-reaper hybrid" called September Mourning. The book is from a concept by Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri, and will be written by Mariah McCourt with art by Silvestri and Summeye Kesgin.