ComicsAlliance Reviews The 1978 'Doctor Strange' Movie
Doctor Strange is Marvel Studio's latest entry into its ever growing cinematic universe, and while Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofer fighting against the evil forces of Mads Mikkelsen is all well and good, can it really compare to 1978's made-for-TV Dr. Strange film?
'Star Trek: Discovery' Writer Explains Pre-Kirk Setting
Excited though Star Trek fans are to finally have the franchise back on TV with Bryan Fuller’s Discovery, many had to wonder why the series opted to follow the prequel route yet again. The series will venture early into Trek history with a pre-Kirk setting, something writer Nicholas Meyer say…
'Star Trek: Discovery' Teases 'Number One' Lead
The absence of Star Trek on TV has created a mystery around CBS’ All-Access Star Trek: Discovery, one we’re likely to wait for official announcements in October. Still, a new report suggests the main character will go by a familiar name, while Bryan Fuller will split the work with new …

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