Cezar Rezak

Dynamite Announces 'Sweet Valley High,' 'James Bond,' & More
So here's the bad news: The sentence "Dynamite announces new James Bond, Bettie Page, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Sweet Valley High comics" does not refer to one single series that's going to combine all of those properties into a single high-school themed alternate universe where Tarzan, 007, and the real-life queen of pin-up photography are all taking math class together and trying to figure out who to ask to the prom. The good news, though, is that they're four separate announcements that all seem pretty interesting: Writer Benjamin Percy taking over James Bond, Bill Willingham returning to Dynamite with artist Cezar Rezak for the Burroughs-themed crossover The Greatest Adventure, a new line of Sweet Valley High graphic novels, and – for the first time since 1997, the return of Bettie Page to officially licensed comics.