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Brand Loyalty: How Prioritizing Characters Harms Creators
Marvel recently announced what looks to be an intriguing new series titled Vote Loki, which sees The God of Mischief running for office in the 2016 presidential election. The official announcement on featured two covers from Tradd Moore and Valerio Schiti and some words from editor Wil Mo…
On Ownership, Gerry Conway, and DC's Royalty System
Writer Gerry Conway, who created several characters during his time at both Marvel and DC (including Firestorm, Killer Croc, Vixen and The Punisher) took to his blog recently to discuss and throw a spotlight on the way DC pay credit to their creative talent for the characters they created while work…
Marvel Comics Are Giving Jack Kirby A Creator Credit
Those of you who take a moment to read the credits pages of your weekly Marvel Comics may have noticed that there's been a small change that started in this week's batch: Jack Kirby is receiving a creator credit for characters and teams that he co-created.

The new credit comes only a few …
Marvel Announces New Printing Of 'Howard The Duck' Omnibus
This week, Marvel Comics announced that it's planning to publish a new printing of the Howard the Duck Omnibus in October, collecting the character's first appearance, all 33 issues of the original Howard the Duck series, and several other appearances in Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Treasury Edi…
Shusters Take Superman Copyright Case To Supreme Court
The United States Supreme Court wrapped up its 2014 term Monday, deciding cases involving health care, unions, and other pressing issues. If two comic creators' families get their way, the court's next term could involve the fate of some of the most popular comics characters ever created.
DC's New Payment Plan Offers Colorist And Digital Royalties
A letter from DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee to the company's freelancers has outlined a new payment policy that offers royalties to the creators of digital-first comics and colorists (previously, payments just a flat rate), and changes the structure of how all creators are paid.…
Hollywood Support Kirby Estate In Court Battle With Marvel
Three of Hollywood's biggest industry guilds have submitted an amicus brief in support of the Kirby estate in the case of Lisa Kirby V. Marvel Characters. The brief urges the Supreme Court to hear the case, as the guilds believe the outcome will have major implications for the film industry.

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