Guiu Vilanova

Dark Horse To Launch Comics Based On Slayer Videos
Thrash metal legends Slayer have always been a band with a strong sense of narrative and storytelling, and their music is as evocative as any movie, TV show or graphic novel. Later this year, the band is making the official crossover into the realm of comis with a brand-new three issue miniseries from Dark Horse influenced by their most recent album.
Mad Crimes In Van Lente And Vilanova's 'Weird Detective'
Honestly, Fred Van Lente and Guiu Vilanova's Weird Detective had me at "Cthulhu Crime." Seriously, that's one of those magic combinations of words that will get me to give pretty much anything a shot even before I see anything else about it. I mean, there's so many places to go with it! Will we be seeing cultist murders? Formless voids given speeding tickets? A shambling, unknowable horror, the very sight of which can drive someone mad, stuffed into a trenchcoat and fedora, out for revenge against the Goat of the Woods With A Thousand Young that betrayed them during a jewel heist? I'm not sure, but I do know that i'm ready to read it, and the preview that we've got from Dark Horse today is just getting me more and more excited.