Sonic And Mega Man Clash With The Chaos Devil In The Most Metal Archie Cover Of All Time
This year's most anticipated crossover -- by fans of blue video game characters, at least -- is unquestionably Archie's Worlds Collide, in which Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog and Capcom's Mega Man team up for the first time ever. We've been pretty excited about this story around here ever since it was announced, but with the reveal of Sonic Universe #53, they have given us an entirely new reason to g
Why ‘Mega Man’ Is the Smartest Super-Hero Comic On the Stands
As strange as it might sound, one of the best super-hero comics on the stands today isn't put out by Marvel, DC, or any of the other usual suspects. In fact, it doesn't even star a character that originated in comics. It's a video game tie-in put out by Archie Comics, and as crazy as it seems, Mega Man has spent the last year showing pretty much every other book on the market the right way to do
‘New Crusaders’ Artist Ben Bates on Designing the Future of a Franchise [Interview]
Archie Comics is bringing its Red Circle line back in a big way in 2012 with New Crusaders by Ian Flynn and artist Ben Bates. Part of an upcoming iVerse powered app that will house serialized installments of the New Crusaders series, along with a library of previously published Red Circle material, these new six-page tales will star legacy heroes working under the direction of the first Shield af
‘New Crusaders’ Writer Ian Flynn on the Return of Archie Comics’ Red Circle Heroes [Interview]
Coming in 2012, Archie Comics' Red Circle characters return to regular adventures in New Crusaders, an ongoing digital series by writer Ian Flynn and artist Ben Bates. Establishing a new continuity inspired by many of the classic Red Circle stories told over the years, the book will follow the adventures of a young team of legacy heroes lead by the original Shield, who spring into action after the

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