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In Memoriam: Honoring Those We Lost in 2016
Comics can live forever, but the great talents that make them are mortal like the rest of us. We at ComicsAlliance would like to take a moment to salute and remember those creators that the comics community lost in 2016. You work was loved, and you are remembered.
The Comics and Brimstone of Jack T. Chick, 1924-2016
Depending on where you live, you might have seen them everywhere. On the bus; on the subway; in the parking lot of Walmart. You might have been handed one instead of candy at Halloween. If you had the audacity to wait tables on a Sunday morning, you might have had one left for you as a tip. They're those little rectangular pamphlets that contain what seem at first to be innocuous comic strips, with a smiling jack o' lantern or a child dressed as a ghost on the cover. When you open them, however, they turn out to be what Los Angeles magazine has described as “equal parts hate literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonizing.” They're Chick tracts, the work and legacy of one Jack T. Chick, who died October 23, 2016, at the age of 92.
Jack Chick's 'Dark Dungeons' Tract Gets A Live Action Movie
Jack Chick's Dark Dungeons is one of my favorite comics of all time. Originally released in 1984 at the height of the "Satanic Panic" surrounding Dungeons & Dragons and its (completely imaginary) link to devil worship, actual real-life magic and human sacrifice, it told the story of a young woman who got trapped in the sordid, wicked world of roleplaying games, a world fraught with s
Parting Shot: Jack Chick Draws Surprisingly Good ‘Family Guy’ Fan Art
Man, who knew that in addition to illustrating anti-Catholic, anti-Islamic, anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian propaganda tracts, Jack Chick draws alarmingly decent Family Guy fan art? He's even got the angry Stewie eyes down pat. This comes from "Still No Revival," a comic about the moral decline of modern America (hint: homosexuals) and how much better things were 50 years ago... Read
Singapore Couple Faces Jail for Jack Chick Comics
So a Singapore couple, who are Christian, were just found guilty of sedition in Singapore's very first sedition trial, not for talking smack about their government, but for giving out Jack Chick tracts. If you don't know who Jack Chick is, the shortest version is that he's a religious nut so crazy that I have heard his name used as an actual adjective for crazy...