John Jennings

Damian Duffy Helps Shines A Spotlight In 'Black Comix Returns'
In 2010 Professor John Jennings and Dr. Damian Duffy joined forces with Magnetic Press for an art book called Black Comix: American Independent Comics Art & Culture. Featuring work from a number of prominent African-American creators, the book proved a great success on Kickstarter, with a fully …
Survival & Suffering In Octavia Butler 'Kindred' Graphic Novel
The graphic novel adaptation of the late Octavia Butler's masterpiece Kindred opens with the main character, Dana, sitting in a hospital bed with her left arm missing at the elbow and the words "I lost an arm on my last trip home" printed in a narration box. It's a sharp, painful…
'Brotherman', 'Bounce' Among Winners At 2016 Glyph Awards
This weekend saw the eleventh annual Glyph Awards held in Philadelphia, at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. The awards, founded by Rich Watson over a decade ago, celebrate comics made by, for, and starring black people, but are not necessarily limited to black creators.