Justice League vs Suicide Squad

What Do We Lose When A Comic Doesn't Have Its Own Artist?
Recently, the subject of rotating art teams in superhero comics reached a tipping point, and people have started to wonder if the concept does more harm than good in the long run. With double-shipping in superhero comics becoming more prevalent and artists’ contributions are becoming seen as interchangeable, it’s important to stop and ask: Are rotating artistic creative teams good for comics in the long-run, or does it start us down a path of recognizing the writer’s contributions as inherently more important to the finished product?
ICYMI: The Big Surprise In 'Justice League v Suicide Squad'
This week saw the release of Joshua Williamson and Jason Fabok's Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1, which saw the two blockbuster teams go head-to-head for the first time. However, in the background, there's another team of villains with an odd roster and plans of their own, and their meeting place just might point to much bigger things for the future of the DC Universe.
Rob Williams On What Makes 'Suicide Squad' Tick [Interview]
Rob Williams and Jim Lee's Suicide Squad is a perfect example of what DC Comics aimed to do with its Rebirth shake-up. It builds on what made the property popular back in the days of John Ostrander, Kim Yale and Luke McDonnell while embracing the changes that have happened in the decades since, and the end result is a wonderful fusion of everything great about the property. With Suicide Squad #8 out this week, and the Justice League vs Suicide Squad event on the horizon, ComicsAlliance chatted with Williams about his approach to the individual characters, and the punk rock influence at the heart of the title.
DC Unveils First Look At 'Justice League vs Suicide Squad'
This December, DC Comics begins the first major event of the Rebirth-era as two of its most popular franchises go head-to-head in Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Written by Joshua Williamson with a host of A-list talent attached to the six-issue weekly miniseries, DC has released a first look at Jason Fabok's art from the first issue, his first interior work for the publisher since this summer's "Darkseid War."