This Magazine Kills Fascists: The Worst Case Scenario Of 'Lazarus'
Greg Rucka, Michael Lark and Santi Arcas' Lazarus is a dystopian possible future where corporations have replaced countries, and a small number of a families have all of the power. While the series is decidedly science fiction, there's a grounding in reality and our own world's potential for catastrophe that makes Lazarus one of the scariest comics on the stands.
On The Cheap: 12 Cheap Comics For Christmas
Ho ho ho, friends! It's the end of the year, and that means that pretty much everyone is running a sale on Comixology right now --- which means that there's actually so much in there that it's impossible to narrow it down to just one. So once you've put the partridge in its pear tree and shipped it off to your true love, why not grab a cup of wassail and treat yourself --- or a friend in need of a last-minute gift --- to a full twelve picks for comics to pick up for as much as 60% off this Christmas?
The Recap Page: What You Need to Know Ahead of 'Lazarus' #22
With so many great comics series to read, it can be difficult remembering what happened in a previous issue as we head into the current one. The Recap Page is here to help readers recall what they need to know as an important new issue looms! This week, Lazarus makes its long-awaited return with Lazarus #22, as Greg Rucka and Michael Lark take us back to their all-too-plausible future dystopia of warring families, extreme class disparity and immortal assassins. Every piece on the game board is poised to get blown straight off, and a discovery’s been made that may change Forever Carlyle’s life for good…
Loved 'Captain America: Civil War'? Read These Comics Next
Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas now, and everyone’s raving about its impressive set-pieces, complex themes and snappy banter. Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers not only managed to make possibly the best Captain America film (and the best Avengers film) so far, but they told an awesome, tightly-plotted story that never felt bloated despite the number of characters demanding the spotlight. The Captain America franchise has always skewed somewhat more toward espionage thrillers than your average superhero series, similar in tone to the Jason Bourne series or the modern day James Bond films. If you loved Civil War and want to try some comics in a similar vein --- but you’ve already read Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Captain America run --- we’ve compiled a list of five of the best independent comics to try next.
The Lesser Of Fourteen Evils: Rucka And Lark On 'Lazarus'
Greg Rucka and Michael Lark's Lazarus has been one of the most exciting and compelling stories on the stands since its debut in 2013. Set in a future where nations have been dissolved and rebuilt as a world ruled over by fifteen families, the story follows Forever Carlyle, who serves as her family's Lazarus --- a highly trained soldier who can't be permanently killed, no matter how hard her enemies try. Now, with major changes set to come for the book when it returns --- and with the impending release of the first Lazarus Sourcebook next week --- ComicsAlliance spoke to Rucka and Lark about the process of building their world, the extremes they're going to in order to tell their story, and what we can expect when the next arc, "Cull," begins in June.
Comics Alliance Best of 2015: Continued Excellence In Serial Comics
Our judges have adjudicated; our readers have voted. We’re proud to present to you the award for continued excellence in serial comics in 2015, recognizing comics that are still some of the best in the business more than a year and a half into their run. We've named both the winner and four deserving runners up.
On The Cheap: Image's NYCC Sale Is Ridiculously Good
To kick off this weekend's New York Comic-Con, Comixology is currently hosting a pretty massive sale on Image books, and look. I realize that the entire point of the "On The Cheap" column is to help you narrow down your choices into the absolute best of the crop, but this time, I honestly don't know if I'm up to the task. I mean, there's just too much good stuff in there --- and what's more, it's almost all stuff that we've talked about a whole heck of a lot here at CA. Sex Criminals, The Wicked + The Divine, Southern Bastards, Criminal, and a whole lot more besides. It is, at last, too much to choose from. But I'll do my best.
Money, Sex, Power: Should You Be Reading 'Lazarus'?
Lazarus is the current ongoing collaboration between Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, a dystopian sci-fi series about family, class, and poverty, which launched in 2013 from Image Comics. Three collected editions are currently available, and the 20th issue of the series comes out later this month.
Dystopian Comic 'Lazarus' Heading to TV
It was only just announced that Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s exceptional comic series Lazarus was being developed for television, but allow us to be bold: if done properly, this thing will be huge. It’s from the same publisher as The Walking Dead, features enough intrigue and deception to make Game of Thrones feel weak in the knees, and takes place in a brutal, science fiction dystopia where the hero is a tough woman capable of kicking all of the asses. It checks all of the right boxes.
The Best Of Comixology's Cyber Monday Sale
If you've been wondering why people have been asking you "a/s/l?" all day and then following it up with a friendly "haha nice," it's because it's Cyber Monday! Today, we all set aside a little time for the tradition of shopping as our ancestors did so many snowy winters ago: on the internet in pajamas. Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year. To that end, a lot of your favorite online retailers are having sales today, including the digital comics retailers at Comixology! In fact, there's so much on there that we have decided to take it upon ourselves to guide you to the best of Comixology's Cyber Monday Sale!

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