Marvel's 'The Inhumans' Gets a Shiny New Logo Tease
It’s hard to say when exactly Marvel will look to drum up promotion for its ABC Inhumans, but a September IMAX premiere is fast approaching. As such, Marvel’s royal family is getting their ducks in a row, debuting a new logo teaser to bring us one step closer to a premiere date.
These James Gunn Facts Have Us Super Excited
If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you know and love Baby Groot and his dancing antics in the closing credits. But did you know Groot’s moves were based on the dancing of director James Gunn? It’s true. And that’s just one of the galaxy-spanning facts featured in the…
FX 'Legion' Confirms 'X-Men' Big Bad for Season 1
We’ve two episodes left in the first (but not final) season of FX’s Legion, which for the most part has kept Noah Hawley’s promise of eschewing major X-Men names. That said, die-hard fans have likely recognized certain aspects of the mysterious “Devil” plaguing Dav…

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