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Exploring the Wild: Should You Read 'Stand Still, Stay Silent'?
Nearly a century after a virulent disease spread across the globe, the remaining humans finally decide to venture outside their heavily defended borders and see what remains of the world in Minna Sundberg's webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent. They're a mix of academics and military officers, ranging from 19 to 67; a motley crew, not ready to face the monsters and magic that await them.
Kickstarter Launched To Teach You Languages VIa Comics
If three years of mandatory French classes in high school taught me anything, it's that learning a new language is not only incredibly hard; if you're not motivated, it's pretty much impossible. Thankfully, there might be a new way around that thanks to LingoZing, a new app that teaches readers new languages via comic books, which has launched a Kickstarter campaign today.
Weekender: Brandon Graham, EgyCon, 'Stand Still Stay Silent'.
What a week! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to sit back and read some comics. The weekend is finally here, and the world can relax and rest once more — but the comics industry has been busy too, you know, and the last seven days have seen a flurry of comics-based news and announcements fly past at high speed. ComicsAlliance has got your back, though: when it comes to comics, we never slow down, and so here’s a look back and just what’s been going on. New comics, new stories, new podcasts, new art being made — it’s all part of the ComicsAlliance Weekender!