FOX 'X-Men' TV Series Casts Amy Acker, More Mutants
We’re not even going to harp on a missing title for FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama, thanks to the latest addition. Multiple Whedon-verse alum Amy Acker has been set as the series’ second major lead, along with several new castings that include recognizable mutants.
100 X-Men: Ranking Polaris, Emma, M Twins, Boom-Boom, Prof X
Who are the greatest ever X-Men? Over the coming weeks, we’re going to try to answer that question, selecting five X-Men at a time from across the franchise’s long history, and pairing up your votes with the opinions of our own panel of highly opinionated X-Men fans. Your scores will be added to ours to determine the top 100 X-Men. This week our randomizer has thrown out two telepathic headmasters of the Westchester school; one an actual ex-villain, and the other just generally kind of awful. Plus, one of Magneto's kids, two very confusing twins, and a surprise bid for one of the more unlikely high-scoring X-Men characters we've seen thus far. But that's before we get to your votes!
The X-Men Episode Guide 3x16: 'Cold Comfort'
The early ’90s were spoiled for choice when it came to comic book adaptations. Not only was Batman: The Animated Series on the air, but X-Men led Marvel’s push to get on the small screen, diving right into the often convoluted continuity of everyone’s favorite mutants, luring in a generation of fans, and paving the way for cartoons to follow. That’s why we’ve set out to review every single episode