Rafael de Latorre

Cast Party: Who Should Star In An 'Animosity' Movie?
This week we're casting an imagined movie version of Animosity, a really fun apocalyptic comic written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Rafael de Latorre. It takes place in a world where, one year ago, every animal on Earth gained human-level intelligence and the ability to speak. Obviously this has sent society into complete disarray. The book follows a young girl named Jesse and her dog Sandor. Sandor's a bloodhound who now speaks with a Southern accent, but remains loyal to Jesse. He's attempting to protect her after the death of her parents, as they travel across a chaotic North America in search of her older brother.
The Animals Rise Up In Bennett And De Latorrre's 'Animosity'
"One day, for no damn reason, the animals woke up." That's the tagline for Animosity, a new Aftershock Comics series by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre, revealed this week at The Hollywood Reporter. It tells the apocalyptic story of a young girl and her talking dog making their way across an America where thinking, talking animals have become the norm.
AfterShock Comics Announces First Titles
Ever since it was first announced last April as the brainchild of Mike Marts and Joe Pruett, AfterShock Comics has been talking a pretty big game. They've signed an impressive roster of talent, but there hasn't been much news about the actual projects --- until today, when AfterShock announced the titles, teams, and release dates for its first four titles. All four are set to hit shelves in December, with new titles from Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke, and Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina, leading the way.