RL Stine

Stine And Peralta Rebuild A Monstrosity In 'Man-Thing' #1
Ted Sallis was trying to recreate the super-soldier, but he ended up transformed into a speechless monster who wanders the swamp. That's the origin of Man-Thing, but it's retold in this preview of Man-Thing #1 with a new pace and attitude, courtesy of legendary young adult horror novelist R.L. Stine and artist German Peralta. This is clearly a flashback, because the synopsis lets us know that the main story takes place in the present, with Man-Thing having regained the power of speech.
R.L. Stine Bumps 'Man-Thing' To L.A. For New Marvel Series
Earlier this year children's horror legend R.L. Stine of Goosebumps fame was revealed to have a mystery Marvel Comics project in the pipeline, and speculation was rife as to which of the many iconic horror characters in the publisher's roster it could be. Today, Stine has announced that he will helm a five issue Man-Thing miniseries with art by German Peralta, Daniel Johnson and Rachelle Rosenberg.