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Roundtable: The State of Asian Representation in Comics
Journalist and editor Jennifer de Guzman convened some up-and-coming Asian-American writers for a roundtable discussion about the state of Asian representation in comics. Amy Chu is the current writer on Poison Ivy, a former writer on Sensation Comics, and the co-creator of her own self-publishing imprint Alpha Girl Comics. Sarah Kuhn’s novel trilogy about Asian-American superheroes, Heroine Complex will be released by DAW Books in July. She’s also written for Rosy Press’s Fresh Romance and is currently writing a series of Barbie comics. Jonathan Tsuei is the co-creator with Eric Canete of RunLoveKill, published by Image Comics.
Rosy Press Publisher Talks Kickstarter, Print Edition and More
At the beginning of last year, editor and publisher Janelle Asselin launched Rosy Press with the specific goal of publishing romance comics, a genre that most in the industry had long since given up on. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Rosy Press anthology title Fresh Romance had an acclaimed digital run, continuing today with the release of Issue #7. Now Asselin is running a second Kickstarter to bring a Fresh Romance collection to print, with the help of Oni Press. ComicsAlliance spoke to Asselin --- a former editor for this site --- about her recent successes and future goals for Rosy Press.
Beastly Romance from Bennett and Trungles in 'Beauties'
Beauties is a one-shot, available now from Rosy Press, written by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Trungles and letters by Rachel Deering. As you can probably tell from the cover, it’s a variation on the “Beauty and the Beast” story, but it’s a variation unlike any we’ve seen before. Beauties is unapologetically a fantasy romance. In fact, it’s more than that; it’s a fairy tale. It even begins with “Once upon a time.” Bennett takes the “Beauty and the Beast” framework in directions new and different and more complex, but she makes no effort to pull it down to Earth. The mythic power of the fairy tale remains, even as new dimensions are opened within it.
The Challenges Of Publishing And Crowdfunding
ComicsAlliance senior editor Janelle Assellin has wanted to start her own publishing company for a long time. When she finally decided to pull the trigger at the end of 2014, she had no real idea just how much work it would take, and to make matters more challenging, she decided to do a Kickstarter as well! With so many people out there who want to do similar things, Janelle has decided to explain how it all happened for her, and to share what she's learned.