ComicsAlliance's Top 10 Best Comics of 2010: #5 - #4
Prev ComicsAlliance's Best of 2010 list continues!   5. Phonogram: The Singles Club by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie Production delays, a printing error, and that pesky need to make a living nudged this seven-issue series into this year, when we were finally able to see the completion and collection of one of the best comics of 2009. It ...
Darwyn Cooke Takes Down ‘The Outfit’ [Interview]
Following on the heels of Darwyn Cooke's bestselling adaptation of "The Hunter," this week sees the release of "The Outfit," the third book in Donald Westlake's legendary Parker series of crime novels. A whirlwind book that sees the inscrutable criminal facing off against the organized crime of 1963, Cooke's "Outfit" picks up right where "The Hunter" left o