Tiger and Bunny

Gift Guide: Manga and Anime For Western Comics Fans
From its days as unfamiliar black-and-white single comics discovered as if by chance in Western comics shops, manga has become the biggest-selling sector of the comics industry, and an influence on dozens of creators in the North American industry. Much like Western comics, manga is for everyone, so if you know someone who loves comics but has never got into manga, we've put together a gift guide with great ideas for books and movies that you can buy them this holiday season.
Screen & Page: Super Meets Star In 'Tiger & Bunny'
About 90% of all anime made is adapted from manga. In a lot of cases, the manga's publisher produces the anime and is responsible for making sure it gets sold to other countries --- the better to increase awareness and manga sales. But what about that other 10%? What about that anime show or film that proves to be such a huge hit that a manga adaptation --- often written or drawn by members of the production staff --- is inevitable? What stays the same between the screen and the page and what's different? What works, and what doesn't? That's what Screen & Page, aims to explore. For our first installment, we're examining one of my favorite anime, and one of the best superhero stories around today; Tiger & Bunny!

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