X-Files Origins

Investigate Some Teenage Spookiness With 'X-Files Origins' #1
I'll admit that I don't know a whole lot about The X-Files. I mean, I know that there's a dude who really wants to believe in aliens, and I know that --- if the screen-shots I see every now and then on Tumblr are to be believed --- there's a lady who's just so done with his nonsense, but that's pretty much it. Despite being around for its original run, I never really watched the show. And I think that might be because we never really got to see their origin stories. I mean, yes, I've heard that the show begins with the two lead characters meeting for the first time, but what if we could go further back? What if we could see them investigating spooky mysteries... as teens?! Now, thanks to the miracle of modern comic books, we can. Next week, IDW is launching X-Files Origins, a new series aimed at young adult readers in which Faith writer Jody Houser and Doctor Who artist Matthew Dow Smith show Mulder and Scully's first investigations, long before they join the FBI.