Some men like Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill were born to play the role of The Joker. Many other people in the world were given different talents, but still insist on channeling their Joker enthusiasm into terrible, terrible costumes. If you watch "The Office," you already know that this fact of life was not lost on the show's writers in a Halloween episode that aired after "The Dark Knight" came out. Sadly, Joker overexposure has been lost on many cosplayers on the Internet, and those stubborn individuals leave the rest of us with no other choice than to point at them and encourage our children not to follow their examples.

Whether they're sipping a beverage at White Castle, trying to impress their girlfriends or rollerblading in as little clothing as possible with a Batman cosplay partner, a convincing list of the 21 biggest Joker costume fails has been compiled by Windowless Van.

Words really fall short when trying to convey the absurdity on some of these clowns' faces, but then again, that is one of the reasons that we have images galleries, so click on past the jump where you can judge them for yourself.

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