Your superhero movie attention span may feel like it's been taxed to the max by both the Friday opening of The Avengers movie and yesterday's release of the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, but Sony would be remiss not to remind you that July also sees the release of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, right? Apparently so, because the studio has released two more promo images from the film with Peter Parker looking a little worse for the wear.

As if these two new images -- showing once again that, with great powers comes great costume upkeep and likelihood of running into trouble with the law -- weren't enough to whet your appetite for the Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone-starring movie, then perhaps the Thursday release of an all-new (and, presumably, final) trailer for the movie might convince you that this will be more watchable than watching what happens when Tobey Maguires gets infected by a jazz-loving monster suit from space.*

[*Editors note: I confess that I love Spidey 3 for exactly that scenario! -- Caleb]

The Amazing Spider-Man is released on July 3.

[Via SHH]

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