Following news of its first look deal with Cartoon Network, Boom! Studios has officially announced its first new animation adaptation to follow the launch of Steven UniverseThe Amazing World of Gumball #1 is set to arrive in June from through the all-ages Kaboom! imprint, featuring a 32-page story by writer Frank Gibson and artist Tyson Hesse. From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

Gumball, Darwin, and all of their friends take on the world of comics! Gumball thinks he’s the coolest kid on the block, but his little sister Anais begs to differ, and Darwin just wants to keep them all out of trouble. There’s always another adventure to be had in their mixed-up world!

Set to begin its third season in May, The Amazing World of Gumball cartoon blends 2D animated characters with 3-D animated environments and objects (often times digital photos). Judging from Boom!'s announcement and covers by Missy Pena, Zachary Sterling, Paulina Ganucheau, Troy Little and Sonnye Lim, the comic will also retain "the mixed-media look" of the show on some level.

Gibson and Hesse are both mainstays at Boom!'s all-ages Kaboom! imprint, having collectively worked on the Adventure Time, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake and Bravest Warriors comics, meaning they're more than qualified to translate yet another animated world of rambunctious characters to the printed page. If the structure of the comic is anything like Boom's other cartoon titles and features a main story followed by a shorter backup tale, it should compliment the pace of the zany show just fine.

You can get a taste of what Boom! has in store for The Amazing World of Gumball via the first issue's five alternate covers below.

Missy Pena


Zachary Sterling


Paulina Ganucheau



Troy Little 

KABOOM Gumball Troy Little


Sonnye Lim



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