Every comics fan has their favorite fictional (or in some cases factual) locales, but "The Architects' Journal" offers us Yanks a fresh perspective on the matter with a list of list of ten comic book cities that appeal to a more design-based (and British) perspective.

There's a few entries that seem assured, including Superman's Metropolis, Batman's Gotham City and Daredevil's New York, but it's nice to get a take from the other side of the pond. After all, sometimes its easy to overlook Herge's "Tintin" expanses and there's a few places that fans from the States may not be familiar with.

My personal favorite discovery is the city from a book called "Fever In Ubicand," a Belgian title that explores urban planning with the kind of line work regularly only seen in straight-up blueprints contrasting with warm character designs.

Most of these cities are based purely on their visual appeal, meaning it would probably suck to rent a loft in any of them for fear of being crushed by aliens or gunned down by muggers.

Oh comics, so many places that are nice to visit even though we wouldn't want to live there.