Some webcomics revel in the perverse and the ugly. Others try for cute and sweet. The Bunny System does both. It adopts a 'spoon full of sugar' philosophy. The actual content of the comic is violent, nihilistic, and often defiantly cruel. Some panels mention getting letters of protest from readers. The animation is exactly the opposite. Cute little cartoon bunnies, which look like they've been inflated with helium, wonder about the meaning of life while eating carrots and tying squirrels to fireworks.The Bunny System, created by Audrey Soffa, focuses on the woodland activities of two groups; the mindlessly cheerful squirrels and the sociopathically cheerful bunnies. A bunny couple, him plain and her with a little bow behind her ear to denote female status, loaf around the forest, discussing their conflicting world views, spying on their neighbors, getting drugged up, and very occasionally maiming things. As the webcomic progresses, the characters get a little softer, and have a little more heart, so the cynics may want to start at the beginning and the sensitive souls want to start with the most recent comics and work their way back.

Those who do start at the beginning would do well to look over some of the later strips, though. The original strips are simple line drawings. As the series moves on, Soffa doesn't change her art style when it comes to the characters, but the background is more detailed, and she adds subtle and delicate colors to make the comics pop. It's a real treat to see.

The result of the color and careful line art looks a little like Beatrix Potter's illustrations - if the woman were seriously messed up.

So if you've outgrown Peter Rabbit, and want a tale of woodland creatures for mature adults only, definitely check out "The Bunny System."

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