The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been on the move of late with a heavy presence at this past weekend's C2E2 in Chicago and other shows, along with expanding its staff. Now, to reflect its growth, the CBLDF has launched a new Web site with a new logo.

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein summed up the upgrade in a new blog post:

"The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a community of people who love comics and recognize the First Amendment as the cornerstone of the medium's creative vitality. The new is designed to reflect and serve that community, with frequently updated news about comics, free expression, and the people who are taking strides to keep both healthy and strong."

I can't quite recall what the old CBLDF site looked like, but the new design seems attractive, trim and easy to use. As for Charles Orr's new logo, I have to say that I dig the update. It'd be silly to split hairs about logo design when it comes to something as important as the CBLDF, but given its ties to so many creative types, it's cool to see something new even if the previous logo was still legit.

Neil Gaiman also recently spoke to Splash Page about why the CBLDF is so important, a video that's worth a look if you're unfamiliar with their mission.