In a previous comics blogging life not so long ago, you may have read my first look piece about Rich Koslowski's newest project, B.B. Wolf & The L.P.s, in collaboration with writer Johnnie Arnold.

Rich has been a very busy guy lately, completing B.B. Wolf in his gorgeous ink wash style (very similar to his work on the award-winning Three Fingers and The List), starting a new Three Geeks GN (a movie based on the trio is in the works) and staying ahead of schedule on his first assignment for the House of Ideas, scripting a 12-part story arc about the new Guardian for Marvel Comics Presents. And, that list doesn't include his freelance endeavors for other publishers including Archie Comics and Devil's Due (Family Guy).

Watching from the sidelines since the debut of Three Fingers five years ago, I'm glad to see Rich's "star" is finally ascending in the comics industry, and it's about time...

BTW, Rich pens one of the more politically incorrect and funnier creator blogs around, no doubt a product of his awesome storytelling, a gregarious nature (that belies a heart of gold) and a frighteningly acidic sense of humor (especially when I'm within earshot).