Need to kills some time between panels at Comic-Con? Can't live without Twitter? Love awesome prizes? Well, my friends, ComicsAlliance and Dark Horse Comics have just the contest for you. Starting Thursday, July 22, you can enter to win three volumes of Mike Mignola's library edition "Hellboy" hardcovers by going on a special Comic-Con Twitpic scavenger hunt.

To win, take a complete set of Twitpics containing the following images:

- 1 photo of your SDCC badge

- 1 photo containing a dinosaur or clearly dinosaur-related item

- 1 Wildly overpriced convention food or drink

- 1 Hellboy cosplayer

- 1 Ridiculously long line for a panel

- 1 stormtrooper or Slave Leia

Submit clearly labeled Twitpics links to us @comicsalliance and @darkhorsecomics until you've completed the entire set. The first contestant to submit the entire set of photos gets glory,

Hit the jump for your look at prizes, crude photo examples and a link to our official rules.Crude Examples:

The Prizes: