Marvel's Heroic Age is going to be a time of bright, shiny fun and inspirational heroes who don't need to fear the dark forces of Norman Os- ... Wait, what? Vampires are coming back to ruin our fun? SWEET!

Turns out the X-Men are going to have their hands full with fighting off the legions of the undead. But it's not just action and stakes and explosions. According to writer Victor Gischler in an interview with, "It's going to be more than just vampires bite people and the X-Men stop them. We're going to get a good look at the complicated politics of the vampire world. There's a pretty intense power struggle."

And this "Curse of the Mutants" storyline begins with the one-shot "Death of Dracula." That's right, kids. Dracula, the undead lord of evil who has plagued the Marvel Universe for centuries and has fought the X-Men, Spider-Man and many other superheroes, is getting staked. By none other than a son of his we've never met before. In the past, we've seen Dracula's daughter Lilith and his sympathetic son Janus, but in "Death of Dracula" we're going to meet a never-before-seen offspring: Xarus, who is ready to take dad's place as the ultimate lord of the damned.Though I still find it odd when the X-Men focus a lot of time on fighting supernatural forces, as a vampire fan I am definitely down for seeing some knock-out battles with scary, fanged monsters who neither sparkle nor muse about how hard high school and life can be. And if Xarus is anything like his father, we could be in for a treat.

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