Doomsday is pretty tall. How tall is he, you ask? Well, that depends on which corner of fandom you're looking to consult, but the toymakers of Four Horsemen Studios certainly have an answer of their own.

The Four Horsemen issued a statement addressing criticism over the size and scale of the recently release Darkseid Collect and Connect action figure from the twelfth wave of DC Universe Classics, saying that their decision to create an 8" figure was informed by the character's classic statistics.

"Darkseid's classic height has always been listed at 7'6"," the sculptors said in the statement. "The average DCUC figure is not 6", but actually 6 and 3/8 inches tall. Proportionally the perfect height for a Darkseid figure representing 7'6" is exactly 8". We decided to use official stats since he has been drawn so many different ways over the years. (Even Jack Kirby's depictions vary drastically from panel to panel!)"

So, for those of you who were disappointed or confused over the build-a-figure Darkseid's size, well, now you know the rationale behind it - and knowing is half the battle!

Wait, wrong franchise.

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