In the expansive world of webcomics, it's easy for traditional comic readers (i.e. the folks who still pay to read printed copies) to get lost in all the clip art, stick figures and video game references. That's why when an established, mainstream creator takes up the ol' "infinite canvas" for a new project, their content can be a beacon for a scene well worth your time and energy.

Artist Mitch Breitweiser ("Captain America") and writer Patrick Stiles are doing just that with their new quasi-weekly adventure series, "The Futurists," which follows the doomed adventures of men seeking eternal life in late 1800's colonial India.

Blog@ has an interview with Breitweiser, who describes his Internet affection and why the web is the right space for the new series: "Given our current obligations, the internet is the most convenient and hassle-free way for us to publish... Plus, everyone likes FREE, and if we really want 'The Futurists' to grow wings then why not give it away. If it fails, it's a labor of love, no regrets."

Like a lot of webcomics, a successful run could mean printed editions, so even if you're an old fogey, this online adventure could still result in that swell traditional reading experience. Either way, "The Futurists" is an apt title for a series rocking the new school webcomics business model and one any comic reader will want to check out.