Maybe it's because I'm something of a Scrooge myself, but I really, really get sick of "A Christmas Carol" adaptations. Since Charles Dickens is no longer with us to rake in the dough, the story's public domain status has lead to a pretty watered-down mythos that gets exploited by Hollywood every two years or so.

So my excitement for the upcoming parody in "Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present, and Future" comes not from the fact that it references an old chestnut roasting by an open fire, but rather that there's potential for those annoying ghosts to get blasted by proton streams.

The premise is pretty wonderful: Scrooge hires the GB team to bust the time-traveling manifestations of his guilt on Christmas Eve. Since the Ghostbusters have a pretty decent win record, I'm really hoping for a successful hunt.

The book is written by Rob Williams, with art by Diego Jourdan and an extra cover by Nick Runge and will reportedly be the first of many GB holiday specials over the next year.

It comes out on December 9th and I will be first in line to find out if those dadburn ghosts get busted and Scrooge gets slimed.

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