As something of a comics blogosphere darling, Covered Blog regularly delivers reimagined comic book cover classics in the style of some kind of dream-spouting plant from an enchanted rainforest of happiness.

Today's entry by Anthony Vukojevich is no exception, melding "Fantastic Four" #26 with retro video game classic "Donkey Kong."

Featuring the combined might of the Avengers and the FF, the 8-bit rendition both captures and enhances the spirit of its source with the Hulk standing in for DK and his contemporaries taking the place of Mario. It's interesting to note Wasp's apparent death only costs the theoretical player ten points, but I guess the relative lack of fan outcry after her "Secret Invasion" explosion can pretty much be summed up the same way.

Truly Vukojevich is the Marvel U's new King of Kong.

[Via Agent M]