The trailer for "The Losers" -- the movie based on the Vertigo comic by Andy Diggle -- is out, and you know -- there it is. The premise seems built for action movie adaptation: a special ops group gets betrayed by their C.I.A. handler, who puts a hit out on them, and survives to come back for sweet, sweet revenge.

And from what we see in the trailer, it's an action movie, all right: Stuff explodes while cool music plays in the background, a hot, badass chick takes off her top, lots of bullets fly in slow motion, etc. All the sort of boilerplate you might expect from any old action movie, with a "Iron Man" or "Ocean's 11" sense of humor -- as opposed to the blacker variety that infused the comic.

But you know. If you like action movies, it looks like this is totally, totally going to be one. KABOOM!