Okay, let me preface this by stating that I do not condone repeating half of what I've heard in the anime I've viewed over the years. From kid-friendly poop jokes to teen misogyny to very, very adult-oriented insults, much of anime suffers from a, how do you say... lack of subtlety.

It's not that Japan's brand of animation can be generalized as more offensive than Western content -- I'm sure "Family Guy" would make our neighbors to the East blush if translated properly -- It's just Japan is a little less constrained by certain kinds of dialogue.

The clip, from the World War II-ish mecha series "The Super Dimension Century Orguss 02" sets up the line pretty well, establishing the characters' relationship and motivations in the space of 40 seconds or so, and mediocre voice acting aside, it leaves you completely unprepared for the approaching awfulness.

I won't ruin the casually shocking ending for you here my friends, you'll just have to see it after the jump. Remember, watch it all the way until the end...

Yeah, you can put that on my list of things to never say ever.

[Via Twitter @Astrokitty]

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