The recently released "X-Men: Misfits" by Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, and AnZu is the second book to come out from a deal allowing Del Rey to produce Original English Language manga stories starring Marvel characters. The first, "Wolverine: Prodigal Son," hit shelves last year, and while that book was based around the speed-lines and karate face-kicks of action manga, "Misfits" takes a different route entirely.

Yes, this one follows the path of the shojo, or "young girls'" manga, telling the story of a young Kitty Pryde trying to find love as the only girl at the Xavier Academy, and we're not gonna lie: as suckers for stories about high school drama mixed with super-powers, we love it. It's got a fresh take on old characters that includes some highly entertaining redesigns and a story that, while dramatic enough to make even the regular X-Men seem calm, is reallly engaging. What we love most about it, though, is just how darn shojo it is.

With enough wispy, conflicted boys, sparkles and ten-pack abs to give the combined works of Stephenie Meyer and Lisa Frank a run for their money, this thing carries on the traditions and tropes of "young girls'" manga to an extreme so over the top that it almost verges on parody, and had us cracking up through the whole thing.

It's the sort of thing that has to be seen to be believed, so today, we're giving you a look inside at the story's seven most amazingly shojo moments!

#7: Meet Angel

#6. The Joy of Cooking

#5. Kitty Meets Magneto

#4. Holding Hands With Pyro

#3. My Sparkly Dinner With Bondage Sabretooth

#2. This One Pretty Much Speaks For Itself

And finally, the most shojo panel in "X-Men Misfits" (and the entirety of American comics, for that matter)...

#1. Kitty Meets the Hellfire Club

Truly, from Angel's flower-print sarong to Longshot's mandolin, this is the picture that keeps on giving the wispy hilarity. Seriously, we cannot wait for the sequel.