Could TV's most iconic funnybook peddler be headed for great Android's Dungeon in the sky? According to Bongo Comics' August solicitations, "The Simpsons" portly supporting cast member Comic Book Guy will meet his maker in the pages of "Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book" #2 with a funeral eulogized by none other than Stan "The Man" Lee.

Here's how Bongo bills the issue:

The Comic Book Guy is dead, but not gone -- and definitely not forgotten. After the eulogy delivered by a special guest and comic book legend (Nuff Said!), it's time for Comic Book Guy's last will and testament to be read, and with the portly proprietor's passing, a deep void is felt by everyone in Springfield and beyond. Who will inherit the Android's Dungeon? What will become of the virtual world of blogs and message boards without the snarkiness of Comic Book Guy's irreverent and often unwanted pop culture criticisms on the Internet? Brace yourself for the gathering storm of The Dork Age!

Given that the death will take place in a Bongo comic rather than say, "The Simpsons" on FOX, it's quite likely this series will see Springfield's favorite purveyor of sequential art reborn by the issue's end. But who knows? Maybe Comic Book Guy truly will have the, "Worst. Funeral. Ever."