For a good long while, comic book fans had plenty of reasons to be fed up with Skrulls. Those scaly green shapeshifters were literally everywhere you looked in the Marvel Universe - worst of all, sometimes you didn't even know it was a Skrull until it was far too late.

Now that the distaste for the nemeses of "Secret Invasion" has been transferred over to Norman Osborn and his "Dark Reign," (until "Siege" #1 drops anyway)I think it's about time we opened our hearts once again to the Skrulls to tell them with one resounding voice: "He - by which I mean we - loves you."

The change of heart, at least in my case, comes by way of "studmuffin," a toy customizer that recently revealed his very own love letter to the fictional alien race on The Fwoosh's message boards.

Behold, the Skrull Armada!

With figures mimicking the heights of Galactus and the depths of Ant-Man, "studmuffin" clearly hasn't lost his taste for the space invaders even after Brian Bendis' pervasive miniseries. We should all be thankful, of course, because these customs are tremendously awesome. It makes me wish for a Skrull-exclusive "Secret Invasion" Marvel Legends line. No matter how you feel about the oversaturation of Skrulls, that's one toy line we could all get behind.

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