February was a big month for Cartoon Network's upcoming ThunderCats animated series as a bonanza of images from Namco Bandai's toy line surfaced more or less alongside the show's first footage. While CN has yet to let loose with a proper release date for the relaunched series, Namco Bandai's latest showings are a hearty indicator that things could be cropping up by this fall. Check out new images of the Tower of Omens deluxe playset, along with the ThunderTank, Snarf and more after the jump.Fans have already seen the basic 4" figures of Lion-O, Cheetra, Panthro and Tygra, but it's nice to finally get a load of Snarf -- who totally looks boss piloting the new ThunderTank. Speaking of the ThunderTank, Lion-O and Tygra's new ThunderBikes can be attached to the massive vehicle as the team cruises to their new Tower of Omens hideout (which matches the classic Cat's Lair Fortress quite nicely). You've gotta pity the lone mutant lizard dude featured in the latest rollout of product images. He surely faces death at the hand of these mighty felines and their magnets, LED lights and spring-loaded projectiles.

Additionally, kids (and the smaller-handed adults among us) can wield Lion-O's Claw Gauntlet and the Sword of Omens when the roleplay toys drop presumably later this year.

Peep all the new toys below:

[Via Toynewsi]

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