With Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness all grabbing your attention with new trailers in the last few days, The Wolverine -- next summer's return to the big screen for Hugh Jackman's mutant hero and one-time X-Man -- tries to remind everyone that it exists with a new "motion poster" that will have you wondering whether the new movie takes place right in the middle of the Uncanny Valley.The poster, released yesterday, shows Logan standing guard - well, kneeling guard, really - over Tokyo during a rainstorm. He's topless, of course (This is Hugh Jackman, after all), and has both claws unsheathed and a samurai sword, but none of that seems to matter because I'm just completely distracted by the fake rain and how entirely unrealistic the whole image seems as a result.

It's not just me, is it? This poster looks like a badly-done CGI airbrush job to everyone else as well, right? Looking at this image, I not only wish they'd stuck with the earlier poster for the movie, but also find myself oddly hopeful that the movie itself follows through on this visual promise and looks like something as realistic as Star Wars Episode 1. If nothing else, that would definitely differentiate it from the apparently underrated aesthetic of Man of Steel...

The Wolverine is released July 26.

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