While we focus on toys fairly often at ComicsAlliance, there's another side of the comics collectibles world that we haven't paid quite as much attention to: Statues. Significantly more expensive than the average toy with a price that often hits the triple digits, they're a big investment, so choose wisely: The statues offered to comics and anime fans can run the gamut from elegant to downright creepy.

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As 2009 draws steadily to a close and we say goodbye to another year of the Previews catalog offering us bizarre collectibles, we've turned to ComicsAlliance writer Chris Sims to shine a spotlight on the year's worst, weirdest and most outright strange items from that most artistic representation of excess, the statue section.

Mine Yoshizaki's Limit Gunz PVC Statue

Previews Says:
The figure depicts both aspects of feminine beauty, both erotic and cute.

ComicsAlliance Says: This figure depicts both aspects of feminine beauty as imagined by the fever-dream madness of Japanese animation: Blue-haired schoolgirls and a gun that not only appears to be the bastard spawn of a keytar and a hoverboard, but is also large enough to put even the Liefeldian excesses of Cable to shame.

And speaking of Cable...

Cable Mini-Bust

Previews Says: Nathan Summers is a refuge [sic] from the future, and humanity's last hope as the powerful cyborg mutant known as Cable.


Dawn School's Out Statue

Previews Says: This is one deity you'll definitely want to keep after class.

ComicsAlliance Says: What's that, grandpa? You say that there were once comics about Dawn, and not just statues and framed "fine art" prints? Sure, old man. Sure.

Anyway, Say what you want about the inherent creepiness of the statues imported from Japan (and don't worry, we will), at least they're up front about making sexy schoolgirl statues and don't try to fool anyone with talk of reincarnated goddesses and grade-school innuendo that reads like something from a local furniture store commercial.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Maid Ani * Statues

Previews Says: Asuka Langley Soryu, the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, stands balanced on one leg as she serves a tray of tea and cake.

ComicsAlliance Says: For as long as we've been reading "Previews," there's been merchandise tying into "Neon Genesis Evangelion" virtually every month. This time around, it's two of the characters -- who, as we understand it, are teenagers who use giant robot monsters to fight God -- dressed up as waitresses in maid costumes, because hey, why not?

Bi-Beast Mini-Bust

Previews Says: Created by an Avian subrace of the Inhumans, the Bi-Beast is a monstrous android that has often battled the Hulk and the Fantastic Four.

ComicsAlliance Says: This falls more into the "weirdest" category than the "worst," as it's actually really good as far as 3D likenesses of little-known Hulk villains go, even if BB's lower half looks pretty depressed about being made into a mini-bust. Still, though: Really? The Bi Beast? Are there really that many fans of the Bi-Beast out there clamoring for Bi-Beast merchandise? [Ed note: At only $79.99!] Don't get us wrong, we love strange Marvel characters as much as the next guy -- or, to be honest, probably way more than the next guy -- but this has got to be the most obscure, unlikely character they could've possibly picked to make a statue of--

Man-Ape Mini-Bust

ComicsAlliance Says: Ah. We stand corrected. Touché, Randy Bowen.

Capcom Girls Collection: Street Fighter III - Poison "Black Edition" PVC Figure

Previews Says: Blondes are more fun!

ComicsAlliance Says: If you ever find yourself working at a comic book store and need something to cheer you up, wait for someone to buy this and then, as soon as the purchase is completed, remind them that depending on where you are, the sexy anime prostitute statue they just purchased represents either an extremely convincing transvestite (Japan) or a post-op transsexual (America). The kind of folks that purchase statues of sexy anime prostitutes tend to react in extremely entertaining ways to this news.

Fantasy Figure Gallery: Felicia Andress PVC Statue

Previews Says: Sultry secret agent Felicia Andress slinks stealthily across the floor on the hunt for enemy agents.

ComicsAlliance Says: Now, for only $169.99, you too can own a statue of Vampirella looking for the contact lenses she dropped! Also, is there anything creepier than a "sexy" statue with "real" hair?

Answer: Yes. See below.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Entry Plug Diecast Model - Shinji Ikari Version

Previews Says: Shinji Ikari cannot simply enter the cockpit of his Evangelion; he must first enter the Entry Plug while wearing a Plug Suit and allow it to fill with the translucent liquid that allows his mind to merge with the biomechanical weapon.

ComicsAlliance Says: Uh... We might be wrong here, but we're pretty sure that the August "Previews" was just straight up selling a dildo on a display base.

Creators Labo #22: Tsukasa Bullet - Sound Pretty PVC Statue

Previews Says: The statue, sculpted by Kang Yong of the Cerberus Project, captures the perfect moment of surprise when a girl with headphones realizes that her CD player isn't quite so portable.

ComicsAlliance Says: If your desire to own a statue of a hot-but-stupid girl is so strong that you can't just buy a statue of a hot girl and pretend she's stupid, then perhaps you'd be interested in a statue of a hot girl actually doing something stupid, like forgetting that she's wearing giant 1970s style headphones.

Star Wars: Oola Mini-Bust

Previews Says: Dressed in fish net and leather, Oola was the star attraction of Jabbas court. In the end, Oola refused to submit to Jabba's will and met with a grizzly death at the hands of the monstrous Rancor.

ComicsAlliance Says: On the off chance that you've got a pervert who isn't into anime on your Christmas list, don't worry: "Previews" has you covered. Just pick up a bust of a green woman in "realistic" (read: movable) fishnet leotard! Plus, as it serves as a reminder of what happens to a woman who won't submit to her slavering obese overlord, it'll look right at home propping up a shelf's worth of "Gor" novels.

Shuffle! Shigure Asa Long Hair Ani*Statue

Previews Says: This new rendition of the beautiful character designed by Hiro Suzuhira captures Asa unaware with her skirt pulled up and hands on her underwear.

ComicsAlliance Says: "I know this is a hard time for you, son, but... where should we put the urn with your mother's ashes?"

"On the mantle. Next to the statue of the cartoon girl who looks like she's getting up from the toilet. Mom... Mom would've wanted it that way."

Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens Tsugumi Ani*Statue

Previews Says: Tsugumi, like the previous two Kannagi girls Nagi and Zange, is dressed like an animal -- in this case a dog. The adorable young girl sits on the ground with her legs spread and folded behind her. She holds her hands together in front of her, and her faces is red with embarrassment.

ComicsAlliance Says: We've made a lot of jokes here tonight, but on a serious note, I'm sure we can all come together and agree that if you own this, you should probably be on some kind of watch list.

Fantasy Figure Gallery: Julie Bell "Golden Lover" PVC Statue

Previews Says: Brought to three dimensional life, woman and serpent stand nearly 8.25" tall, their bodies melded together in a delicate, seductive embrace

ComicsAlliance Says: This is a statue of a woman having sex with a dragon. It retails for $80 and is meant to be displayed in your home. There is no joke we could possibly make here because this is an $80 statue of a woman having sex with a dragon that is meant to be displayed in your home.

Lest you think we're entirely negative, it's worth noting that not all the statues in Previews are as bad as the ones we've listed here. So which one's the Best Statue of 2009?


Batroc the Leaper Mini-Bust

Batroc the Leaper. The man. The myth. The mustache.

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