On sale next week is the home video release of Thor, taking the form of Blu-ray, DVD, digital download and various combinations of thereof. The disc-based versions come with over 80 minutes of supplemental features including, of course, deleted scenes from the popular and critically acclaimed Kenneth Branagh film based on the Marvel Comics superhero. Among those scenes is what appears to be an alternate introduction to Lady Sif and the Warriors Three.The scene, which comes courtesy of Superhero Hype, takes place just ahead of Thor's would-be coronation at the beginning of the film. In it, each of the thunder god's mighty companions is presented in a way that demonstrates their distinctive personalities: Fandral is vain, Lady Sif is violent, Hogun is grim and Volstagg is hungry. It's a cute scene that will be welcomed by those who wished Sif and the Warriors Three had more screen time in the theatrical cut of the film.

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