A double rainbow has never looked so much like a double frown.

We've talked numerous times about our love of Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee, and so our reaction to the breaking news that the comic will be canceled with issue #8 as of this January, was -- let's just say we were disappointed. So disappointed that we decided to capture our reaction on video so we could share our sadness with you in a more visceral form.

The book's former editor Nate Cosby announced on Twitter that he would "never be prouder than being a part of THOR TMA" and encouraged readers to retweet the news and let Marvel know that they don't want the book to end. Artist Chris Samnee also had nice things to say about his time on the book:

Thank you so much for all the kind words. Working on Thor: TMA has been incredibly special to me. We still have 3 issues coming out, though. I hope you'll pick up the remaining issues. And feel free to let Marvel know you want to see the book come back.

It's sad to see one of the best books published by Marvel pulled from the shelves, and if you'd like to register your disappointment as well, don't forget to let Marvel know.

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