After what seemed like an eternity since news first hit that Kenneth Brannagh was directing a movie based on Marvel Comics' Thor (and a whole second eternity of hitting Refresh again and again at Yahoo), the first trailer for the film has finally materialized -- and it is Heaven-sent indeed.

Check out the trailer after the jump.Featuring Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor, God of Thunder and wayward son of Asgard, the 2.5-minute trailer gives us a taste of just about everything we wanted to see from this latest Marvel film: Fierce admonishment by angry Anthony Hopkins! Concerned looks and fierce smooching by lovely Natalie Portman! And fierce hammer-wielding god violence by hunky Chris Hemsworth in his best Thorstralian accent!

And while it's obviously too early to tell, this trailer has me wondering if Thor might be Marvel's best movie yet.

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