It’s hard to imagine anyone providing Star Wars Rebels with more menace than James Earl Jones’ Darth Vader, but Lars Mikkelsen’s Grand Admiral Thrawn may just give him a run for his money. A new promo for Season 3 sees Thrawn poised to tear the team apart, utilizing his terrifying skill as a tactician.

Star Wars Rebels released a brief new promo for the third season (premiering September 24), this time placing far more sinister emphasis on the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Equally unnerving in the new footage, there’s TIE Interceptors, a menacing-looking Kanan, and – Darth Maul being lumped in with the Rebels? Hmm …

Elsewhere of Star Wars Rebels, new episodes will take a little trip through time to age up Ezra into a young Jedi teetering on the edge of light and dark. And while Darth Vader may not be so visible this time out (ditto for Ahsoka), Season 3 will more than make up for it with the introduction of Lars Mikkelsen (Rogue One star Mads’ brother) as Grand Admiral Thrawn, who returns to Star Wars canon after Disney’s acquisition of the franchise.

Season 3 will premiere a full hour on September 24, so stay tuned for the latest on Star Wars Rebels in the meantime.


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