Because video game movies are becoming the new superhero movies, we’re getting a Sonic the Hedgehog film. And who better to develop it than Tim Miller, who recently has some unexpected time on his hands since quitting the Deadpool sequel. He won’t be directing, though — it’ll be Jeff Fowler, his Blur Studios colleague, who will be making his directorial debut with this film

The Sonic video games were first launched by Sega in 1991 and became hugely popular, spawning sequels, movies, and TV shows, with the characters even appearing in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. The Sonic series follows a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who is able to run at supersonic speeds and, with the help of his friends Knuckles, Tails, and Amy Rose, they stop the evil Doctor Eggman Robotnik from ruling the world. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller will executively produce the movie, which has been planned for a while, and will be a CGI-live-action hybrid. Miller and Fowler will also be working with Neal H. Moritz, who produced the Fast and Furious films, of course.

This won’t be Miller’s first venture into CGI-animated animal territory: he and Fowler were nominated for a Best Animated Short Oscar for their 2005 film “Gopher Broke,” which centers on a gopher and a squirrel fighting over a farmer’s vegetables. The Sonic movie doesn’t currently have a release date, although it’s expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018.


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