I actually tend to like comic book tie-ins based on movies more than most people, but I'll admit that they can be enough of a mixed bag that it's difficult to get excited about them before they're actually out. Today, though, I have encountered what might be the ultimate exception to that rule: Titan Comics has announced that it is partnering with Hammer Films for a new line of horror comics set to debut this year.

Hammer is, of course, the British studio best known for the horror movies that it produced from the '50s to the '70s, alternating from Victorian-era period pieces to blood-soaked contemporary exploitation films, including movies with truly amazing titles like Taste the Blood of Dracula and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed! So needless to say, I am pretty excited.


Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed by Hammer Films


The most notable Hammer movies are the nine-film Dracula franchise that starred the legendary Christopher Lee as the blood-sucking count. Those movies are amazing, largely due to Lee's terrifying, imposing presence --- a presence that was frequently silent, thanks to Lee's alleged refusal to speak dialogue that he thought was stupid, by which he meant all of it.

As for what the comics could bring, that remains to be seen --- as do any creative teams that might be attached --- but if you're up for a little completely baseless speculation, I'd say that Dracula and Frankenstein are pretty much a given, and that Carmilla --- Hammer's interpretation of Sheridan le Fanu's original novel --- is almost as safe a bet as Dracula. Beyond those, I'd definitely be up for seeing a new take on Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, a horror/kung fu collaboration between Hammer and the Shaw Bros. that, unfortunately, is not as awesome as whatever movie you're imagining in your head.

There's one other that seems like it's almost guaranteed to happen, though: Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, an original Hammer Films character that already has the best tagline that you could give to a comic book in 2016:




Best Dracula Art Ever: A Tribute To Christopher Lee


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