Last week, Titan announced the return of Johnny Red, the story of a British pilot drummed out of the RAF who decides to fight the Nazis alongside a squadron of Russian flyers. It's a pretty exciting bit of news, especially since the creative team assigned to launch Johnny back into the skies over Stalingrad consists of writer Garth Ennis and artist Keith Burns.

Now, it seems like Titan wants us to get even more excited about the project, and to that end, they've released a new trailer for the upcoming miniseries, giving us a look at the art from the first issue set to some very, very dramatic music. Give it a watch!

In addition to touting Ennis's previous credits as the co-creator of Preacher with artist Steve Dillon, the trailer also provides our first look at Burns's interior art, with some pretty interesting reveals. The video includes a look at a group of female pilots, and given Ennis's noted interest in the Nachthexen --- the subject of a pretty great issue of Dynamite's Battlefields with Russ Braun --- it'll be interesting to see if he's drawing on that part of history for Johnny Red as well.

As for the rest of it, I think we can assume that the one dude trying to jump out of a plane that's already on fire is not the only person who's going to have a bad day over the course of the series. Just a hunch.

The first issue of Ennis and Burns' Johnny Red will be available in print and online on November 4, also featuring a variant cover by Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra.