For years, master of comic book lettering and logo design Todd Klein has released a series of limited edition prints created in collaboration with some of comics’ most superlative talents, each spotlighting Klein's unmatched gift and love for exquisite typography and design. In keeping with that theme, the prints have been ordered alphabetically, with the latest brought to us by the letter K: "Knowledge." And because it is the initial of Klein's surname, the letterer chose to go solo on this print, which, as he writes so beautifully across the top, is a compendium of calligraphic knowledge that all letterers, designers and comic book fans would do well to take to heart.


Perhaps best known for his work on The Sandman, Todd Klein has lettered almost countless comic books and created memorable logos for titles including Batman: Year One and the entire line of Alan Moore's America’s Best Comics, has won more awards for lettering than any other professional, and routinely blogs in-depth studies of some of the recognizable logos and mastheads in comics. His work has consistently demonstrated the inherent artistry in lettering and typography and how they enhance and are in turn enhanced when married with beautiful images.


Photo by Todd Klein


Limited to just 300 copies (plus a 50-copy variant on white card stock), the spot-colored "Knowledge" finds Klein creating a pleasing image using lettering and design exclusively. The content itself is of course suitably engaging, detailing Klein's understanding of typographical history and his secrets for lettering excellence. You can read all about the production of this print at Klein's blog.

Both versions of "Knowledge" can be ordered now at Todd Klein's web store. Below is a sampling of previous prints created in collaboration with some of our favorite artists, copies of which may still be available.


Todd Klein and JH Williams III

Todd Klein and Shawn McManus
Todd Klein and Steve Rude
Todd Klein and Dave Gibbons
Todd Klein and Gene Ha